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See Your World Through RIFY!

When you are out and about and not sure where to go or what to do next, RIFY will come to your rescue! With the RIFY app, scan the world around you to find all the awesome places near you to see, shop, eat and anything else you want to do!


RIFY brings you all the best offers, deals, promos around you right to your inbox. We will send you exactly one email newsletter every week with all our latest offers personalized to your location and interests.

We don’t Spam! We will send you only one email per week

Scan what's right in front of you

Using RIFY you can scan a street or building to know about their purpose, the products, services and other offerings.

Search for Places Nearby

With RIFY you can search your interests around you.

Explore your interests around you

New to the city? open up the RIFY app and check the explore section to find all the recommended places and activities, around you.

Results based upon your real time location

RIFY always gives you the nearest stores or places based on your location and which are open at the time of search.

find your friends nearby

With RIFY, you can share your location to your contacts and find which friends are near and available to meet up!

immersive navigation

Through RIFY's one of kind AR interface, you can experience a highly immersive real time live view navigation.

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