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Our Company

Proxima Tech is location and proximity-based marketing services to businesses through our various app platforms

Our Flagship

Our flagship product is the RIFY app (Right In Front of You) which is our proximity based local business aggregator based on proprietary Augmented Reality platform.
Check out more about the RIFY App features here.
To learn more how to leverage RIFY for your Business, see our services

Our Vision: Inspire Consciousness

Proxima Tech’s vision is to increase the awareness of people of their surroundings and the environment. Proxima empowers people to take sound decisions swiftly by serving people with information about their immediate surroundings.

Our Mission: Serve What You Seek

MJ Lakshmi Narayanan

Founder and @dog_rates followerMJ sometimes has good ideas, like the RIFY app! His idea of being a Founder, is to keep finding more tasks for his team to do. But his team has other ideas.
He Protec He Attac but most importantly got our baccs! 12/10 Thanks Boss!

Manikandan D

COO and Biryani ExpertMani is probably the busiest person in the office in making sure Proxima Tech runs as smoothly as the RIFY app. You can see him helping everyone, from the housekeeping staff to the heads of the departments to do their job effectively.
On special occasions, he cooks Biryani for the team which is usually the special occasion.

Shubham Mehta

Part time CEO and Resident DJShubham took the initiative of appointing himself CEO and got rewarded for it. Apart from promoting his Soundcloud account, he also sometimes does CEOish things. He still doesn’t know how exactly RIFY works but loves it!

Samarpan Raj

CTO and Deal HunterSam, our CTO is never satisfied with anything which is sometimes a good thing. That’s why the RIFY app keeps getting updates every fortnight to make sure our UX is close to perfection. The only thing Sam loves is a good bargain which he often discovers through the RIFY app!

Tarun Galhot

CMO and Calisthenics expertYou can find Tarun balancing himself in odd places both literally and figuratively. He believes in work hard and party harder philosophy. Much like his workout, his work ethic is disciplined, rigorous and inspiring. If you don’t find him in office, check the club or the gym nearby, using the RIFY app!

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