Additional menu

  • Unable to find the restaurant in busy street, your friend was raving about? RIFY it!
  • Unable to decide which of the shops in front of you is the right one for you? RIFY it!
  • Looking for best deals in the shopping district near you? RIFY it!

When you are out and about and get stuck somewhere, unable to find what you are looking for,

RIFY will come to your Rescue!

Scan your world

Not sure what’s in Right in Front of You? Through the AR powered RIFY lens scan the environment around you, to know more about the stores, shops, restaurants and offices around you.

Search your world

Looking for place to eat or shop near you, search in RIFY app to get location details, contact details and directions. You can use the AR powered RIFY maps for an immersive navigation experience.

Hunt for Deals

Looking for Happy hour or Clearance sales near you? Get notifications on your RIFY app on the best deals around you. Check our Offers page for trending offers.

Find your Friends nearby with RIFY

Immersive Navigation